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Samhain Ritual

Samhain Ritual

Whilst I will be trick or treating with the children, Halloween is also a special time for fire ceremony and ritual. The turning of the wheel into winter is a time to relax, reflect on the year gone by and set our intentions for the year to come. The veil is thin between worlds. A great time to connect with your ancestors.

Here is an Ancestor Connecting Ritual for Samhain:

Light a candle. Get comfy.

Close your eyes.

Reflect on the last 12 months, and write down-

What are you most grateful for? Place your hand on your heart and take 3 deep breaths and write down-

What 3 things would you like to bring into the next 12 months? Perhaps Confidence? Money? Health or Romance?


Close your eyes again, hands on heart, Take another 3 deep breaths. Imagine a red jewel sitting at the base of your pelvis, filling your pelvic girdle with warm red light. Visualise roots growing down from this red jewel, through the floor, the earth's crust, and rooting deep into the earth. You are deeply connected, nourished, and supported by the earth.

Open Your Heart

From your heart Imagine a beautiful rose opening slowly, radiating a pink glow of light that spreads out from your heart centre in all directions. You are warm, safe, and protected. Bring to your attention your mother, Imagine her in this pink radiating light.

What messages of love can you feel from her?

What qualities and strengths would you like to call in from her?

Are there any patterns, qualities, experiences, or habits you would like to heal and release for her, and in doing so for you and future generations?

Do the same exercise for your Dad, Grandparents, and Great-Grandparents in turn. Going as far or as little as you wish. You don't have to have known them, just relax imagine them in the pink radiating light and see what comes.

You are warm, safe, and protected.

You might want to look at key things like money, relationships, work ethics, and attitudes to life.

The twelve astrological houses for balance. What key attitudes did they hold towards money? Did these attitudes affect you positively or hold you back? Release all that holds you back.

Break chains of ancestral patterns and call in the good.

Thank them, visualising the pink glow, releasing them each with love and warmth.

Take 3 deep breaths, starting to come back to the here and now.

Gentle open your eyes and Journal your findings.

Affirm by Saying aloud:

I positively release all that no longer serves me. _____________________. I call in the strengths and qualities___________ I require for my greater good, to heal my ancestral line and for future generations to live a (fill in the blanks with your desire eg peaceful, joyous, and abundant)________,________,and______ life.

Thank you and so it is.

Imagine the red jewel in your pelvis growing roots and connecting you to mother earth.

Play a record, enjoy a Shakti shake for energy release, or just, Blow out your candle and enjoy a nice cuppa something and snack!

Love and blessings, Claire xxxx

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