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Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

Relationships and Balance


Flashback to my family and i enjoying the beach together in Devon.

Go with the flow. The full moon is a time for letting go and forgiveness, this luna eclipse energy is in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance.

Relax, give yourself a few moments.

The most important relationship is with yourself, what steps can you take to be kinder to yourself?

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, and place your hand on your heart.


What language have I been using towards myself recently?

Is it kind? Is it my voice? Or that of a parent/ex/other? Is there room for change?

Am I making time for the things I enjoy?

Am I spending time with people who I enjoy being with?

Am I working too much?

Am I listening to my body?

What nourishing foods and self-care routines do I have?

What do I want more of in my life?

Put it in your diary.

Where am I needing change towards better relationships and balance?

Am I able to let go of past hurts, outdated relationships, or situations that are not in my best interest?

Or do I feel stuck?

I may not feel able to forgive, however, just being willing to forgive will start the flow of letting go of any past hurts, outdated relationships, or situations that are not in my best interest. Bringing me more ease, making room for better things.

Where am I being tough on myself?

Can I give myself a break?

Do I need to forgive myself?

How can I be kinder to myself?  - Yes, I know it’s a repeat question, always ask it in every context! xx

Think of someone who you enjoy spending time with.

What is it about them that you enjoy?

Thank them for their presence in your life.

Think of someone you love.

What is it about them you love?

Thank them for it.

Attract Like A Magnet

What qualities do you want to invite into your relationships now?

Are you showing those same qualities too? To attract those qualities, reflect them yourself.


Be kind to yourself,

Much love Claire xxx





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